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Relax and Succumb to 'Nightmare Alley'

Snap JUDGEMENT • December 9, 2021

8 Period Dramas Reveling in the Horror of Fucked-Up White, Wealthy European Culture

Snap JUDGEMENT • December 9, 2021

Some Predictions

Some Predictions

Snap JUDGEMENT • November 29, 2021

Lana Del Rey Paints Over Her Bruised Ego in 'Blue Banisters'

Burmese Drag Artist Emi Grate Discusses Myanmar Military Coup — And Getting Naked At Bushwig

Snap JUDGEMENT • November 2, 2021

Snap JUDGEMENT • October 22, 2021

I Watched The "Digimon Tamers vs Political Correctness" Stage Play So You Don't Have To

Hark! An Update for Subscribers

Of Course I Was Going to Write About 'Titane'

Trend Watch: Bushwig Edition

Tanisha Thomas On Becoming A Meme and 'The Bad Girls Club' Machine

R.I.P. Michael K. Williams (1966-2021)

Who/How/Why was Alice Clark?

I Am Being Haunted By Balenciaga's Haute Couture Hoodie

Kenji Yoshino on Writing the History of Our Right to Marry

Justice For Helen Kane, Who Booped and Failed

Fighting Like A Girl: Chun Li, Final Girls, and Gender Euphoria

TV Review: 'Godzilla Singular Point' Puts A Cyberpunk Spin On A Kaiju Story

Praying for Lightning to Strike the House of God

'Pig Royalty' Is The Best Reality Show of 2021 (So Far)

My Turn: Nancy Reagan and the Case of the Weaponized Memoir

When Cat People Become 'Cat People'

Mariah Moreno Is Pro-Wrestling's Transgender Pioneer

Whoa! 'Horsewh!p' Featured in Vogue UK

Whatever Happened to 'Nude Julia'? [Pt. I]

'Q: Into The Storm' Exposes The Internet's Unconscious

Take It From Joan: Choice Bits From 'Enter Talking'

The Many Sacrifices of Saint Cassandro

Art Is Meaningless: On Nullity and NFTs

'My Friend Dahmer' Film Explores The Limits Of Empathy For Evil People

Reading IS Resistance: Lessons From Timothy Snyder’s ‘On Tyranny’

'Sky Sharks' Is A Perfect Example of Bad Bad Taste

Pick A Card: Shuffling Through Cinematic Tarot Readings

'Saw VI' Is A Bizarrely Prescient Medical Thriller

The Monster LGBTQ Readers See in Stephen King’s ‘IT’

Quickie Film Review: Dog Lovers Will Be 'Shook' by This Shudder Original

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Greater (flamingo)

Saint Maud, Repressed Desire, and Holy Psychosis

Raven Chanticleer Presents Stylish Stout Fashions, 1978-1979

VALIS by Philip K. Dick Is The Scariest Book Ever Written

What Stephen King Taught Us About Bullying

Signe Pierce's Provocative Visual Art Smashes The Patriarchy, In Neon

Meet A Nose: Tom's Chat with The Institute For Art and Olfaction 🥀

This Is the Way the 'Wonder Woman' TV Series Ends

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